Dear Dominick & Crew,

We want to thank you for making our home so beautiful. You all worked so hard and were so wonderful about making sure every detail was perfect. This was a huge project and we were very nervous about taking it on. But of all the contractors we contacted, only you took the time to sit and go over the detail with us. We had no idea how much goes into a job like ours. We were so impressed with your professionalism and knowledge. We are also in love with your crew. It was like having our brothers working at our house everyday. They were there everyday, on time and treated our house like it was their own. Our brother-in-law was in the construction business and was very impressed with the quality, precision and commitment of Chelsea. He wished he had a crew like yours, when he was in business. We really can't thank you enough in words, so we would like to invite everyone to our "New Home" in June for a B-B-Q Thank You. I'll be in touch with you later this month with the date and time. Again, thank you so much for everything, it's been an absolute pleasure doing business with you. We have and will continue to recomend you to our friends and neighbors.


The Morris Family

Dear Dominick,

Thank you for the craftsmanship that was put forth in the custom design and remodeling of our home. We are genuinely satisfied with the quality of the material and workmanship that Chelsea provided. We feel that every aspect of the job was well thought out and handled with the utmost care and expertise. This includes the assistance in selecting materials for both the vinyl and cedar siding, the masonry work and the glass block. It was thorough from beginning to end. Additionally, we found your employees to be trustworthy, clean and very courteous. We are looking forward to contracting your in the future. Thanks again for making our home a more comfortable and enjoyable place to live.


Herbert L. Siegel & Nancy Siegel

Dear Dominick,

It has been awhile since the construction on our bathrooms has been complete. We've had time to "let the dust settle" and enjoy the fruits of our labor. I am writing to thank you and your staff for a superb job. Without exception everyone who enters our home marvels at the beauty of these rooms. While we are thrilled with the compliments received we realize that perfection would not have been possible without the expertise of the craftsman who installed our selections. All of your employees are expert at their craft and are truly concered with customer satisfaction. Their infinite attention to the smallest of details not only produced an exquisite final product but some very satisfied customers! It is very refreshing to know that there are still a few contractors who take pride in their work and care about pleasing their customers. On all counts Chelsea gets an A+. Please feel free to call upon us for personal recommendations to any customer who may wish to take on a bathroom project like ours. I can honestly say that we would recommend you with total confidence and without reservation. Thank you again for a superior job!


Mary Ellen Romano

Dear Dominick,

Please receive our check in the amount of $75.00 as a final payment for the work you completed at our home. Seventy five dollars seems so small a conclusion to so extensive a project, but it serves to represent a dignified, subtle close to such a challenging and beautiful addition to our home. Though the project lasted the better part of three months, there was no part of it in which Chelsea did not only attempt but achieve the utmost in customer satisfaction. Like our own, your family is a family business and every task we undertake hopefully has the successful imprint of the family effort. Dominick, as you and I discussed at the outset - everyone rises to do the "big" things, but it is the "detail" that becomes critical to completing the project successfully. On this issue, you and your staff excelled. "Trust" becomes an important element when someone lets newcomers into their home. On this point, Chelsea proved themselves true family! After a brief (very brief) trusting period, it became apparent that Chelsea was a true family organization. You received the keys to our home with complete trust. I hope your future clientele will recognize this early on, because quite frankly, its almost as important as the work itself. I'm sure this has gone on long enough, however I shall be remiss if Sandy and I don't personally thank you and Cynthia for running your business professionally but with feeling and understanding. We thank Manny and Michael and Louis for their expertise and professionalism. For putting not only their knowledge, but their "hearts" into the job. (Louis - you may end up in the United Nations one day!)

The kitchen and reconstruction of our dining room and living room are stunning. People come (almost daily) are and in awe of the kitchen. It is remarkable. Visitors consider every detail and marvel. Dominick, it is not only the good judgement in putting together your own staff, but in choosing sub-contractors of your corporate ilk. The results are stunning, the enjoyment sublime. With's God blessing, we hope to live in the house you have recreated for us a long time. We thank you, Dominick and Cynthia, and your family and staff for taking such good care of the Triolos. Sandy and I stand as a permanent referral to your craftsmanship and integrity.

With warmest regards,

Vic and Sandy Triolo